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Portrait of a Man, possibly Alexander I, Emperor of Russia

This portrait miniature is believed to be Alexander I, emperor of Russia, painted during the Congress of Vienna, convened between September 1814 and June 1815 to establish the terms of peace in Europe following the Napoleonic Wars. Singers, actors, and artists flocked to entertain the delegates when they were not engaged in negotiations. Among these was French miniature painter Jean-Baptiste Isabey. He had been patronized by Marie Antoinette and the Bonaparte family but managed to retain a client base when the Bourbon kings were reinstalled. Isabey established a studio in Vienna and painted portraits and miniatures documenting the congress's delegates and attendees; he was so popular that carri...

Watercolor on paper in a gilt metal mount and burr wood frame
13.8 x 10.3cm
Image and text: The Cleveland Museum of Art, 2023

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The Cleveland Museum of Art
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