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Sea Battle in the Anglo-Dutch War

Attributed to Jan Beerstraaten, this painting is thought to show an incident in the second Anglo-Dutch War that occurred in early June 1666. However, Jan was buried on 1 July 1666, questioning whether he had time to paint it before his death. The painting is either by someone who worked in his style or shows an eariler incident from the first Anglo-Dutch War.

Two rival flagships meet in the centre. The boat on the left flies the ensign of the United Provinces, the boat on the right, that of England. In the left foreground, an English ship has been sunk. Two rowing boats are filled with sailors from both sides, continuing the fight with firearms and swords. If it does show an event from the sec...

Oil on canvas
710.0 x 1080.0mm
Images and text © Waddesdon Manor, 2017

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