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Poster for The Yellow Book, Volume IV

Printed on yellow paper (this has been trimmed at top and bottom; the missing text would have read "For Sale Here" above, and "Copeland and Day, Boston" below). The sheet is decorated with two images by Aubrey Beardsley and a list of the contents of the Yellow Book, Vol. IV. The image at left represents a seated woman reading in a wing chair. That at lower right shows a shirtless boy dressed in oriental pants offering a flower from an overflowing basket to a lady on a terrace. Text in a panel at upper right: "The Yellow Book, Contents of Vol. IV, January 1895, Literature: I-XXII (list of titles and authors); Art: I-XVI (list of titles and artists, include three by Aubrey Beardsley: XIV: The Mysterious Rose Garden, XV: The Repentence of Mrs.; XVI: Portrait of Miss Winifred Emery). The image of the woman being offered a flower was used on the cover of The Yellow Book, Vol. IV.

Credit: Gift of Martin Birnbaum, 1957

January 1895
Commercial relief process and lithography
37.6 x 27.7cm
Image and text © Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2019

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