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Part of Cadell's Reflections series, this painting represents the artist's favourite model Miss Bethia Don-Wauchope, a woman of independent means living in Edinburgh. It is likely that Cadell would have made her acquaintance through the wide social circle he had established in the city where he had his studio and attended many social events.

The main eye catchers of the work are the black and whites of the elegant drawing room and the model's clothing and accessories. White often dominates Cadell's compositions. He used it in many shades, ranging from silvery pale tones to creamy and rosy whites. Cadell would highlight these whites by setting them off against dark coloured objects.

Cadell used colours only sparingly. In most of his paintings of ladies in drawing room interiors, he would use the reflection of a colour in a mirror, on porcelain or silverware to add to the richness of a painting. In this case, the pinks of the roses on the model's hat and brooch, her lips and red hair add these small touches of colour to the composition.

Credit: Gifted by David Perry, 1940

c. 1915
Oil on canvas
1168.0 x 1016.0mm
Images and text: CSG CIC Glasgow Museums Collection, 2024