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Still life composition of roses in a Chinese vase arranged on a table with two oranges in a bowl at the back, a fan and letter at left and a notepad with another rose, fruit and drapery in the front. Although the painting might appear at first as full of vibrant colours, there are actually very few, and it is especially the bright red of the tablecloth that is activated by the predominating cold tones of white and blue and that illuminates the composition and fills it with dynamic energy. Signed at lower right.

Throughout Peploe's entire career, he seldom deviated from his consistent artistic aim, which was to discover the perfect way to paint a still-life, a fact he confirmed in 1929, when he...

c. 1920
Oil on canvas
503.0 x 404.0 x 16.0 mm
Images and text: CSG CIC Glasgow Museums Collection, 2024