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"Royal Flemish" Ewer, "Lion and Arms" Pattern

This ewer is an example of the art glass produced by the Mount Washington Glass Works of New Bedford, Massachusetts. It is in the Royal Flemish pattern, which was first advertised in 1889 but not trademarked until 1893. It was made by dipping a blown or molded crystal glass body into an acid-roughing bath and then decorating it with transparent enamels. The most ambitious pieces of Royal Flemish have raised lines of heavy enamel that emulate the leading of stained-glass windows. Royal Flemish was both expensive and time-consuming to make, requiring the services of a highly skilled artisan. The shape of this example is based on Persian glass and illustrates the late nineteenth-century interest in the exoticism of the Middle East.

Geography: Manufactured in New Bedford, Massachusetts

Culture: American

Period: 19th century

Credit: Purchased with a gift from William Bates, Jr., in memory of his wife, Elizabeth Martin Bates

Blown, enameled, and gilded lead glass
27.6 x 14.9 x 14.6 cm
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