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Two canvases of two by three metres form this 'Schüttbild' by the Austrian artist Hermann Nitsch. They are displayed next to each other and are largely covered in blood-red paint. Looking at the way the paint is spattered, we can conclude that it was probably hurled at the canvas. In various places, someone then walked through the paint in their bare feet, as shown by the footprints on the canvas.

From 1960 Hermann Nitsch was involved in "Aktionsmalerei". He made paintings with rusty brown or blood-red paint and wax, which he sometimes applied with his hands and feet, and he often hurled thin paint directly at the canvas so that it dripped or spattered. In contrast with American action paintin...

Acrylic on canvas
200.0 x 652.0cm
Image and text © Van Abbemuseum, 2022

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