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Shah Jahan holding a spinel and a long Deccan sword, from the Late Shah Jahan Album

This page came from an imperial album assembled for Shah Jahan toward the end of his reign. Only portraits of the emperors have angels hovering with a crown in the top border along with the predator peacefully paired with his prey below. Shah Jahan chose to link these symbols of peace and justice with divine sanction for his rule, as indicated by the light of the sun and moon behind his head. Royal retainers carry emblems of sovereignty in the left border. Imperial Mughal painting reached a pinnacle of refinement and formality under Shah Jahan. The artists reveal astonishing skill in their ability to render the subtle texture of the feather in his turban crest, the gleam of every jewel, the sof ...
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c. 1650
Gum tempera and gold on paper
36.7 x 25.4cm
Image and text: The Cleveland Museum of Art, 2023

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