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Spatial Concept (Concetto spaziale)

The strongest visual device in Spatial Concept is a wide, irregular oval of rough holes, their broken rims poking outward as if some force in the hidden darkness behind the picture plane were struggling to break through. Scratches of black ink, most of them short and bristle-like, scatter in flurries across the surface; the lighter lines and whorls are abrasions scored in the thick paper, ridged scars that compensate for their relative faintness with their violence. The works in Fontana’s Spatial Concepts series—the first of which dates from 1949—have a physical concreteness that is in tune with the anti-idealist mood prevalent in Europe after World War II.

Fontana felt that advances in science ...

Ink and pencil on paper on canvas
139.7 x 200.3cm
Image © 2019 Fondation Lucio Fontana
Text © MoMA - Museum of Modern Art, New York

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