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Still Life - Strawberries, Nuts, &c.

Academic theory during Raphaelle Peale’s time relegated still life to the bottom of the hierarchy of painting subjects. Yet Peale ignored its low status and is now acknowledged as America’s first professional still-life painter and leading practitioner of the genre. Born into an artistic Philadelphia family, Raphaelle was the eldest son of Charles Willson Peale and the nephew of James Peale, both artists; his siblings were, like him, named after famous old master painters (e.g., he had brothers named Rembrandt, Titian, and Rubens). Characterized by crisp forms and serenely balanced compositions, most of Peale’s still lifes portray food (mainly fruit), crockery, and glassware arranged on a plain...
Oil on wood panel
41.1 x 57.8cm
Image and text courtesy of Art Institute of Chicago, 2019

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Art Institute of Chicago
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