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Slow: Eleven Women and 400 Daisies

This piece, which represents the first time Ted Noten has ever collaborated with an American museum, consists of a gold-plated bust covered with 400 daisies created by a 3-D printer. Slow simultaneously encompasses sculpture, design and jewelry. The gold-plated bust is a stylized portrait whose features are a composite of eleven iconic American women: Lucille Ball, Ava Gardner, Mia Hamm, Grace Kelly, Annie Leibovitz, Michelle Obama, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Oprah, Rosa Parks, Condoleezza Rice, and Rosie the Riveter. Gradually, the daisies, which are actually brooches, will be removed over the course of 10 years until every member of the Mint Museum Auxiliary, who provided funding for the project...
3-d printed gold-plated nylon and magnetized plastic daisies
© 2010 Atelier Ted Noten

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The Mint Museum
Permanent collection