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Terracotta fragment of a bell-krater (bowl for mixing wine and water)

Part of the head of a wreathed, filleted symposiast, looking up; head, neck, left shoulder and part of upper torso of a wreathed, filleted nude woman, with an earring, playing the aulos, reclining against a cushion; head and upper torso of a symposiast wearing a cap with lappets, holding a kylix in his right hand, with a cushion behind his left elbow; right shoulder, and bent right arm, with hand holding the ends of a heavy fillet, and part of the torso of a symposiast with his himation draped around his waist and thighs

Credit: Gift of Dietrich von Bothmer, Distinguished Research Curator, Greek and Roman Art, 2011...

470-460 B.C.
Terracotta; red-figure
Image and text © Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2019

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