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The Death of a Hart in Glen Tilt

The painting depicts John, 4th Duke of Atholl, and his grandson, the Hon. George Murray. Also included are John Crerar, Head Forester, two hillmen, Charles Crerar, his son, and Donald McIntyre.

“Landseer’s greatest enjoyment was to wander in the lonely glens, or climb to the steep mountain-top, in search of that nature, animate or inanimate, with which his heart was in accord and there it was that he derived the inspiration which prompted the greater part of his noblest production.”

(Obituary from The Report of the Council of the Royal Scottish Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, 1873)

Landseer visited the estate and castle on numerous occasions and the 4th Duke was a great patron, commissioning this portrait.

Oil on canvas

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Blair Castle & Gardens