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The Finding of Moses

This painting is one of several variants by Veronese of the subject, some completed with workshop assistance. It depicts a biblical account from Exodus 2:3–10. The infant Moses was placed by his mother in a basket and hidden beside the river, to escape the edict of the king of Egypt that all male offspring of the Israelites should be slain at birth. The basket was discovered by the king’s daughter when she came to the river to bathe with her maidservants. Seeing the princess take pity on the child, Moses’s sister Miriam, who had been keeping watch from a distance, approached and offered to find a nurse for him. In this way, Moses was saved and brought up by his own mother.

Veronese imagined th...

c. 1581/1582
Oil on canvas
58.0 x 44.5cm
Image and text © National Gallery of Art, 2020

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