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The Four Times of Day: Night

Oil painting on canvas, The Four Times of Day: Night, by William Hogarth (London 1697 - London 1764), 1736. A moonlight scene in a narrow lane leading from Whitehall to Charing Cross, with the Rummer Tavern ('The New Bagnio') (a brothel) on one side, the Cardigan's Head on the other (both served as Masonic lodges) and at the end of the street the Golden Cross Inn and the equestrian statue of Charles I by Hubert Le Sueur in the distance. Bonfires have been lit in celebration of Restoration Day/Oak-Apple Day, 29 May, Charles II's birthday and his escape on 3 September 1651. The Salisbury Flying Coach has been upturned. Left, two men, one of whom fires off a pistol, stand watching the efforts of t...
Oil on canvas
737.0 x 610.0mm
NT 446681
Image and text © Upton House NTPL

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