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Alfonso d'Avalos Addressing his Troops

Alfonso d'Avalos Addressing his Troops (Spanish: Alocución del Marqués del Vasto) is a portrait of Alfonso d'Avalos by Titian, painted in around 1540 and now held at the Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain. Alfonso d'Avalos, Marquise del Vasto, was a noble Neapolitan, descended from a family of Castilian origin. He participated in the Battle of Pavia and the conquest of Tunis in 1535. In 1538 he was appointed governor of Milan. Military failures caused a subsequent falling out of favor with the Emperor Charles V.This work is both a portrait of the Marquis del Vasto and a picture of history narrating an incident that occurred in 1537. The Spanish troops stationed in Milan began an attempted mutiny ...

1540 and c. 1541
Oil on canvas
223.0 x 165.0cm
Image and text courtesy of Wikipedia, 2021

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Museo Nacional del Prado
Permanent collection