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Portrait of Laura Dianti

Portrait of Laura Dianti is a c. 1520–25 painting by Titian, now held in the H. Kisters Collection at Kreuzlingen. It is signed "TICI/ANVS F." and depicts Laura Dianti, lover and later wife of Alfonso I d'Este.

Titian painted several portraits of Dianti, perhaps including the Woman with a Mirror, now at the Louvre. In this one, she wears a sumptuous blue dress, jewellery and a diadem. Her right arm runs down the side of her body while her left hand rests on the shoulder of an African page boy.

Vasari mentions a portrait of Dianti, which was engraved by E. Sadler. Ridolfi, in 1648, described the work based on the engraving. There are several copies and versions of the painting, one ...
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c. 1523
Oil on canvas
118.0 x 93.0cm
Images and text courtesy of Wikipedia, 2018