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The Canal at Moret on the River Loing

The son of a family of modest means, Gustave Loiseau was essentially an autodidact; he was trained by decorators and the painter Fernand Quignon (1854-1941), who advised him to go and work in Pont-Aven in 1890. There, in this Breton artists’ colony, he met Maxime Maufra (1861-1918) and Henry Moret (1856-1913) and then, in 1894, the most famous among Pont-Aven’s artists, Paul Gauguin (1848-1903). The influence of the latter on Loiseau was limited since, being primarily a landscape artist, it was more the style of Claude Monet (1840-1926) that guided the young painter’s style. Loiseau painted in Paris and the region around the city, as well as in Normandy, but throughout his career he remained on...
c. 1934-1935
oil on canvas
52.0 x 72.0cm
AGLG 326
Image & text © A. G. Leventis Gallery, Nicosia

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