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Trunk (1215)

This trunk has a wood frame covered in leather and is studded with brass nails to form geometric designs. The lid of the trunk is papered in red/pink. The lid is hinged to the case by a piece of leather.

Provenance Narrative The trunk was brought from France by Nicholas Jarrot in 1789. A letter accompanied the trunk which stated "This little trunk was brought from France in 1789 by Nicholas Jarrot. It was where he kept his gold before banking days." It was his custom to hand the key to his small daughter, with instructions to bring him so many "scoops of the little yellow fellows"; later it was given to his granddaughter filled with thread, needles, pins, scissors, buttons, tape and other ...

Wood, leather, brass, paper
4.9 x 5.5 x 10.0 in
Image and text: DAR Museum, 2024

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