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Right mitten gauntlet, with a large, flaring cuff with roped edge, brass-headed rivets with rosette washers; four articulated metacarpal plates (one shaped for the thumb) ; embossed knuckle-plate; five ridged plates over the fingers, all with brass-headed rivets. The cuff has been marked three times with a circular punch. There are two looped straps inside for attachment.

The particular type of brass washer to the rivets on the cuff, punched with lines, is a characteristic of certain Brunswick armour, see Fuhse, Schmiede ... des Stadt Braunschweig, 1930, p. 47, where Herr Bohlmann illustrates a similar gauntlet in his possession. Others were in the Exhibition of Arms and Armour of the Duke of ...
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c. 1560
Iron or steel, copper alloy and textile, embossed
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