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Mosque Lamp

This mosque lamp is one of some twenty that bear the blazon of the Great Amir Sayf al-Dīn Shaykhü al-‘Umarī, one of the most powerful Mamluk amirs of the Islamic world in the mid-14th century. Probably commissioned in his honour, the lamp depicts his blazon at the centre of six medallions. The red outlines and elaborate use of blue and gold are characteristic of mosque lamps from this period. If looked at closely, one can see a great deal of imagery including flowers and schematic fish woven into the design. When many lamps were lit, their floral decoration would have inspired thoughts of a heavenly garden of paradise. Mosque lamps such as this are the best known and most iconic artefacts to ha...
c. 1350 - 1357
Colourless glass with straw tinge, many air bubbles and some inclusions, especially to the suspension loops, which are from a distinctly different glass batch to the body and foot and filled with inclusions and bubbles; applied and tooled features; enamelled in blue, red, white, green, yellow and black; gilding.
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