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Unknown woman, formerly known as Louisa, Countess of Albany

Louisa, Countess of Albany (1752-1824), Wife of Prince Charles Edward Stuart.

Although this painting entered the collection with portraits of Prince Charles (NPG 376) and Cardinal York (NPG 378) and remains associated with these two portraits, both rightly named, the identification should be treated with caution. No other versions of the type are known and the features of the lady are not easily reconciled with authentic portraits of Louisa. The hair style and costume are of this date but the sitter looks distinctly old for c.1785. More detailed information on this portrait is available in a National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue, John Kerslake's Early Georgian Portraits (1977, out of ...

c. 1785
Oil on canvas
241.0 x 216.0mm
NPG 377
Image and text © National Portrait Gallery, 2022

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