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These hardstone vases were made at the Ekaterinburg lapidary works in the Ural mountains. They are signed ‘M[aster] Kokovin’ for either the Russian stonecutter Vasily E. Kokovin (d. 1818), or his son, Yakov Vasilevich Kokovin (b.1784, d.1835). They are made from a rare variety of red jasper (urazovsk), whose natural beauty lies in its white quartz inclusions that create distinctive patterns. Recalling the fatty white marbling of red meat, the material is occasionally referred to as ‘meat-agate’ or 'beef stone'. The graceful forms belie the unforgiving nature of the material. Each piece could take several years to complete. The Ekaterinburg lapidary works produced pieces of exceptional q...

1816 {but possibly manufactured earlier}
Jasper and gilt bronze
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