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Amalienborg Square, Copenhagen

Among Hammershøi’s pictures of architecture, Amalienborg Palace Square is the most monumental. Taking up position in Christian 8.’s (1786-1848) mansion, one of the four houses that make up the Amalienborg Palace, Hammershøi painted the view of Saly’s equestrian statue against the mansions of Frederic 5. (1723-1766) and Christian 9. (1818-1906), the latter being the present-day residence of the monarch.

A picture of architecture The effective lighting with its intense illumination of the base and rider accentuates the monument, keeping it from disappearing against the detailed façades of the houses behind them. Hammershøi’s pictures of architecture are usually empty of people. This absence ...

Oil on canvas
136.5 x 136.5cm
Images and text © National Gallery of Denmark, 2018

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