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Wholecloth (69.215)

Whitework counterpane, no backing, filling, or quilting, 3-ply cotton roving embroidered on twill weave cotton.

The central design is a stylized tree of life pattern with a spray of flowers and foliage blooming from an urn. The inner border has a floral and foliate vine emerging from vases or possibly stylized cornucopia. The outer border is a wide satin stitch meandering vine with flowers and foliage with a bow and tassel in each corner. A bird is embroidered on each side of the counterpane among the foliage of the outer border. The bird on the left side has a small heart embroidered within it and holds a worm in its mouth.

Stitches include bullion, buttonhole, satin, stem, feather, herringb ...
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69.2 x 84.2in
Image and text: DAR Museum, 2023

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