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Broader Story Tour

Did you know the Van Abbemuseum has its beginnings in the tobacco plantations of colonial Indonesia? How are art and art institutions still rooted in colonialism? How do artists respond to this influence? In this tour seventeen people from different disciplines will take you along in their reflections on an artwork or object.
45 mins


Written and narrated by:
Bibi de Vries
Courtney Wood
Elizabeth A. Povinelli
Ernestine Comvalius
Hannah Vollam
Inez van der Scheer
Leslie Smits
Linda Yarrowin
Mercedes Azpilicueta
Persly Burnett
Reggie Baay
Rex Edmunds
Rolando Vázquez
Sadiah Boonstra
Shafiq Omar
Shammai Martis
Silvan Vasilda

Sensitivity reading: Leana Boven and Bibi de Vries
Recording, mixing and mastering: Studio 040
Video: Lidewij Meijer
Photocredits portretfoto (Sadiah Boonstra) : Maarten Nauw
Photocredits portretfoto (Shammai Martis, Bibi de Vries, Leslie Smit, Pursley Burnett): Diewke van de Heuvel