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Multi Sensory Artworks

In this exhibition, there are several artworks which can be experienced with your senses. In this overview, you can see which artworks have this multi sensory interpretation. Follow the trail and smell, touch and listen!

Please note that you can ONLY TOUCH THE REPLICAS OF THE ARTWORKS, and that all of the original artworks in the exhibition cannot be touched.

Audioscription: Joan Kuhlman  Descriptive texts for blind visitors: Fleur Brom  Music compositions: Sachit Ajmani, Asya Zakharyeva and Conservatorium Maastricht Scents: Caro  Verbeek, Sofia Ehrich , Jorg Hempenius (Iscent ), Drukkerij Douma, Christelijke bibliotheek voor blinden (CBB)Tactile Drawings and Braille: Ylja Band , Christelijke bibliotheek voor blinden (CBB), The RodinaTactile Objects and Reliefs: Parastone , Simon Dogger, Stijn  Boemaars Taktila Tactile Color Reliefs: Jofke van Loon (Taktila )Translator: Sam Fisser Sensitivity Reader: Bibi de Vries, Mariëlle Smith, Leana Boven Project and concept by: Marleen HartjesAccessibility Advisory and Sounding Board Group:Adi HollanderAngelo CústodioBarbara StratingJascha BlumeMari SandersRoos  Wattel  Severine KasSimon DoggerVan Abbemuseum, 2021