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Funerary Cone of the Royal Herald Intef

This cone has the impression of a stamp seal inscribed for the royal herald Intef who served during the joint reign of Thutmose III and Hatshepsut. He was owner of tomb TT 155 in the Dira Abu el-Naga cemetery of Western Thebes.

Hundreds of stamped pottery cones like this one have been found in the non-royal cemeteries of the Theban necropolis. More than six hundred different stamps have been recorded. Although a few cones are inscribed with the names of identifiable tomb owners like Intef, most record the names of people whose tombs cannot be identified.

During the 1926-27 field season, the Museum's excavators uncovered a Middle Kingdom tomb (MMA 110) with rows of unstamped cones embedded alo ...
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c. 1479-1453 B.C.
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