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Masekela Along with the Impressive Kalahari

This poster publicized multiple performances at local venues; the other two were reproduced with blanks that could be inscribed with details for impromptu gigs anywhere. All three were designed to promote performances by renowned jazz trumpeter Hugh Masekela and the band Kalahari. Kalahari took its name from southern Africa’s vast desert, which covers much of Botswana.

The band consisted largely of Botswanan musicians, including the famed guitarist John Selolwane and the equally lauded bassist Aubrey Oaki. Masekela and Kalahari began collaborating shortly after the trumpeter arrived in Gaborone from touring in the United States, and they continued to work together throughout the 1980s.

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Offset lithograph in red and black on white wove paper
610.0 x 430.0mm
Image and text courtesy of Art Institute of Chicago, 2019

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Art Institute of Chicago
Permanent collection