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A pair of beaded slippers

Melaka, Malaysia
On loan from Meenachi Pillay

The traditional attire of the Chetti Melaka is an indicator of cross-cultural influences over time and mirrors centuries of Javanese, Bugis, Achenese, Batak and Tamil styles.

The traditional attire for women comprised the sarong kebaya and the baju kurung. In typical Peranakan Chinese style, the kebaya was fastened with three keronsang (brooches). Affluent Chetti Melaka women also wore brooches made with gold studded with diamonds for their baju panjang. These brooches and other accessories were often crafted by Tamil goldsmiths, and featured a combination of Indian and Straits Chinese elements such as addiggai (a gold choker usually studded with ...
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20th century
Wood, beads, textile and leather

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