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Children`s Concert

The "Childrens Concert" is one of Jakovides boldest works with respect to technique and lighting. The merry scene is set in the bright interior of a Bavarian village home, lit up by two windows, one on the left and one in the centre. These windows doubly illuminate the scene, and the light entering in two opposite directions poses a problem, which the artist resolves masterfully as we shall see. But let us first meet the characters: the four young musicians. The first one, seated, is playing the drum, the second is straining in order to blow into the trumpet, the third one, half-hidden, is probably playing the harmonica, and the fourth one, standing further on the side, in lack of a proper in...

Oil on canvas
176.0 x 250.0cm
Image and text courtesy of The National Gallery - Alexandros Soutsos Museum, 2021