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The following is a conversation between two men walking the streets of New Orleans in the late eighteen century under Spanish colonization.

“Hah----what’s that. A fine figure, a beautiful foot, an ankle like an angel’s---an air quite distinque, and then so strange, and characteristic—so Spanish, with that long black veil over the head----‘Allons, we will pass her. Why she’s a mulatto—Fie—not at all--- don’t let her hear you--- that’s a quadroon. A quadroon! Well, I’ll know better next time. Are those quadroons on high there, in the balcony that projects from that Spanish looking house with ornamented cornice and window frames and flat roof? One of them has a veil, and all that I see are darker...

inkjet print on cotton paper with archival pigment
40.0 x 28.0in

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