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Concetto Spaziale: Attese

The work 'Concetto Spaziale: Attese' by the Italian artist Lucio Fontana consists of a monochrome white canvas which has been cut with a sharp knife. The cut runs from the top down, but is not completely vertical. It follows the natural movement of the arm making the cut and is therefore slightly curved. Along the edges of the cut, the canvas is slightly scrolled back, most noticeably in the centre.

In 'Concetto Spaziale: Attese' Lucio Fontana is making a radical gesture. He moves away from the starting point that a painting is a flat surface and that space can be suggested by painting on it. Fontana said, "When I work on one of my prepared canvases as a painter, I do not want to make a painti...

Oil, cut on canvas
130.5 x 97.2 x 2.6 cm
Image and text © Van Abbemuseum, 2023

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